Bruce Eckman

My Mission

“Make A Difference in the Lives of Children by working directly with 2 to 10 year old children and their caregivers,
to help children to grow up to be good parents who will teach their children good parenting skills,
thus affecting the lives of generations of children.”

About Bruce

Even as a young man, I wanted to help children and families. In college I took Child Development and other related courses.

I have spent many years working with children in various volunteer organizations. I have worked in many positions in the Boy Scouts of America. Some positions working directly with children ranging in age from 6 to 18 and in other positions training scout leaders. I also worked for many years as a Big Brother with the Big Brother/Big Sisters program and eventually on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southeastern Idaho. I have also served over 25 years in my Church teaching children ranging in age from 2 to age 12 years old.

I have spent many years as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. I started my first at business at age 5. I have spent many years in business and I am a respected business leader. Over the years I have employed hundreds of people, owned several corporations and served as Chairman of the Board of directors for several organizations. I currently work as President/CEO of EZ-NetTools Inc. This position gives me the freedom I need to work with children.

I have also been a single parent and have had many of the struggles of a single parent raising eight children. I have also been an adoptive parent. I adopted two boys from an orphanage in Moscow Russia at ages 22 months and 3 years old as well as a little girl age 9 and her little brother age 5. I have spent much time studying and learning about attachment and bonding. I am a devoted and loving father.

I feel that boding and attachment are a critical element in every child’s life. I have spent much time studying these topics and working toward strong attachment with my adopted children, my biological children and other children I have worked with. Build Trust is key to changing a child’s life. I love sharing what I have learned and my experiences with other parents. I am also an independent “Love and Logic” facilitator.

My Family

I have eight children, 5 daughters and 3 sons.

Jamie, my oldest, is married and living in Rexburg ID. She and her husband are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl  and two little boys (making me a proud grandfather).

Kimberly, my second daughter, lives with her husband and works in California. She is planning on getting her MBA.

Emily, my third daughter, is married and is living in Utah with her husband and little son. Her husband is  a commercial pilot

Janalee, my youngest daughter, graduated from BYUI. She was very active and talented. She loves woodworking and growing plants. She is very musically inclined and plays the violin.

Nicholas, my oldest son, graduated from BYU and is a very active entrepreneur. Nicholas was a good student and got good grades. He is a soft-hearted boy and loves to read. He was adopted from an orphanage in Moscow Russia.

Christopher, my youngest son, is very successful at summer sales. He is popular and loves to be with his friends. He is very smart and really doesn’t have to work too hard to be successful. He was also adopted from an  orphanage in Moscow Russia. Christopher is a hard worker and very frugal with his money.

Morgan and Mark joined my family in 2019. First, as foster children and later adopted from foster care. I am blessed!

Our Home

Our home is located just north of Rexburg in the country.