Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child – Book

“A significant gift to parents and children.” – Common Boundary

An outstanding resource for parents and caregivers!  In this book, Dr. John Gottman explains how to coach children to regulate their emotional world to increase self-confidence, improve school performance, and contribute to greater physical health and healthier social relationships. Written for parents of children of all ages, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child will enrich the bonds between parent and child and contribute immeasurably to the development of a generation of emotionally healthy adults.

Dr. Gottman draws on his studies of more than 120 families to zero in on the parenting techniques that ensure a child’s emotional health. He then translates his methods into an easy, five-step “emotion coaching” process to help parents:

  • Be aware of a child’s emotions
  • Recognize emotional expression as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching
  • Listen empathetically and validate a child’s feelings
  • Label emotions in words a child can understand
  • Help a child discover appropriate ways to solve a problem or deal with an upsetting situation

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